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Computer maintenance for Summer

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Recommendations when buying a Notebook

I’m frequently asked what notebook should I buy, there is no absolute answer to this [...]

New IRON computer

This computer is designed to be a economy custom computer with price in mind but [...]

What can I do to reduce Spam

This is a very common question that I hear all too frequently and I usually [...]


Outlook, keeping it Fast & Healthy

For most people Microsoft Outlook is one of the most important computer programs

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Hijacked browser – Regaining control

Sometimes you might be browsing the Internet and get a Popup Window that hijacks your browser and will not let you close the window. These can be very annoying and may try to trick you into calling a phone number or getting personal information from you. They will often try [...]

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Ransomware Viruses

Ransomware Viruses CryptoLocker 2015 Warning!!! Warning!!! Warning!!! Ransomware viruses e.g. CryptoLocker seem to be on the rise in Western Australia. This is a very serious threat for data files on your computer and one of the worse we have seen.

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Viruses, Trojans and Spyware

Viruses, Trojans & Spyware Viruses, Trojans and Spyware – these are just some of the things you may have heard about before, but what does it all mean? TDB Software has designed this document to help users understand these threats

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Extracting data from PDF forms

Recently I was asked if I could create a program to extract data from a scanned form saved as a PDF and then write it out to a CSV data file for processing back into their computer database. The information was printed on A5 size form (see example below). These [...]