Secure, reliable backup solution for your Windows data files. Our new backup software allows us to create a backup copy of your files on our dedicated backup server each night via the Internet.

Even though your computer may contain many gigabytes of personal data, the backup software employs very sophisticated algorithms to transfer only the data that has been changed on your computer.

The transferred data is then used to build a complete backup set that contains all files in your backup list. Even very large files that have been changed are correctly handled and only the changes transferred over the Internet.

The backup software also keeps multiple backup sets – daily (last 7 days), weekly (last 4 weeks), monthly (last 12 months) and yearly.

These backup sets are available for file recovery should you need to restore a file that has been accidentally deleted or corrupted etc.

However please note that to restore the file you will need to request the file from TDB Software and we will restore the file or files manually from the required backup set.

Main Features of the backup software are:-

  • All transfers and connections are made securely using the ssh protocol with public/private key authentication.
  • Optional bandwidth limiting and compression.
  • Interrupted jobs continuing with already transferred data when restarted.
  • Sends success/failure messages to a configurable list of email addresses

Initial setup of the backup software, including scheduling of backup and testing etc. Once off fee of $100 including GST.

Plan Name Disk Storage Cost Per/Month Cost Per/Gigabyte
Home 5 GB $12 $2.40
Economy 15 GB $25 $1.67
Business 50 GB $65 $1.30
Over50 Over 50 GB $1.20 per/Gigabyte
Linux Server Server Data $80 (negotiable) full recovery of Linux server
Online Server Backup

We offer a complete online backup for the Linux File servers, should your Linux file server fail, be destroyed or stolen etc we can recover your data from our backup server and use that to quickly recreate your entire Linux server complete with all your data files, user accounts etc.

Initial setup of backup software, scheduling of backup and testing etc $100 including GST (once off setup fee).

Data transfer via Internet and to maintain data $80 per month negotiable depending on quantity (gigabytes) of data needed to be secured.