Need a computer program ?

We can help create a custom designed program to your requirements.
30+ years of experience programming in Delphi and Harbour (Clipper) computer languages.


Some of the tasks we can help with are:

    • Custom Software
    • Data Conversion
    • Data Manipulation
    • PDF Processing
    • And much more

TDB Software can convert your data from applications, electronic lists and other sources into a format acceptable for importing into other applications. IE. Prospective client lists can be imported into your existing database for Mailing and/or Telemarketing.

We can convert your data to and from a wide range of data formats, Sometimes it is necessary to be able to convert data contained in a database into a new format suitable for use in another program. Your database may not support the format required or it may be that you can only extract the data from an existing report or listing.

Following is a list of the common formats we can convert. There are many other formats that can be converted.

If your format is not shown below, please enquire:

    • SDF of Fixed length text file.
    • Comma delimited text file.
    • dBase III, Foxpro, MS Access
    • Report text file format
    • Other data formats

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