Avast CloudCare (formally known as AVG) provides complete protection for your business or your home computer.

It includes all the standard protection you expect from an Antivirus Program, plus  a centralized Internet portal that allows us to help you if needed.

Remote IT software is include to provide direct remote support by the TDB Software staff (Can be turned off when not required).

Avast has a basic easy to understand licensing at a low price of $45 per computer for 2 years.

Avast CloudCare – Offers a range of functions to help protect your computer without reducing speed and performance.

  • Anti-Virus – protects against viruses, worms & Trojans that may corrupt your data or disable your computer.
  • Anti-Spyware – protects against spyware that may monitor your activities or scan your computer for credit card information or passwords.
  • Anti-Rootkit – protects against hidden threats and rootkits that deliver malicious content.


  • Avast Active Surf-Shield – real-time protection from poisoned web pages.
  • Avast Link Scanner – Scans web links to prevent you visiting harmful sites.
  • Avast Firewall – Helps you to control what programs are allowed access to the Internet.
  • Avast Software Analyzer – Warns if any software is acting suspiciously.
  • Remote IT – Management to allow technical support via the Internet.

TDB SOFTWARE is a fully authorized re-seller of Avast products and can help install, maintain, update and resolve issues with Avast products.
AVG CloudCare
If you have any questions or would like an obligation free quote on Avast CloudCare.   Please call us on 9390 7457 to discuss.

Licensing is $45 for 1 computer for 2 years.

Additional licenses can be purchased at any time and will be prorated to match any existing licenses.