You may have heard recently that a new domain name type .au has been released for Australian businesses by the AUDA and they are now taking applications for the .au domains. If you currently own a domain either or and if you want to pre-register your interest in the .au domain name, then you need to apply for the .au by the 20th of September 2022.
For example if you have registered and would like to apply for then you must do so by the 20th of September 2022.
The rules for who will get the .au domain can be a bit complex, but generally if only one of the domains or apply for pre-registration then it will be passed to that applicant. Should both and applicants apply then it will be decided the by AUDA after the 20th of September 2022.
If no one applies for the name then after the 20th of September 2022 it will be open to anyone that would like to register that .au domain name.

Help to claim your .au domain $70

TDB Software would like to offer our skills to help you make a claim for domain name. We can do the documentation and apply for the .au domain on your behalf for a set fee of $70 this includes checking that the application has been registered with the AUDA etc. This includes the first year of registration for the .au domain (if you get approved for the .au domain name).

Please note we charge an on-going fee for .au domains after the first year expires of approximately  $44 for two years registration of the .au domain.

N.B. Our application fee includes one year registration of the .au domain and covers our time to fill out the application for the .au domain name and monitor pre-registration etc. We can also assist you with registering the domain with your existing Domain/Website Provider if your prefer.

If you would prefer to read about the AUDA .au names, please use this link:

Here are some reasons you might wish to apply for the .au domain name.

    • Simplify and shorten your domain name.
    • Secure the Australian extension for your own use.
    • Secure your domain identity.
    • Prevent scammers from using the .au domain pretending to be you.
    • Prevent other businesses from registering the .au extension.