Exchange Online is Microsoft’s hosted email for businesses. It’s the industry-leading cloud solution adopted by small businesses. Microsoft Exchange Online provides the benefits of a cloud-based email service, simply put, Microsoft will store, manage, and secure your businesses email for a low monthly cost.

Some of the reasons to move to Microsoft Hosted Exchange are:

  • Access emails, calendar events and contacts – Use multiple devices with seamless access, changes on any device attached to your account will be reflected on all devices with access.
  • Large Mailboxes & Emails – Handles email accounts with up to 50GB of data in a single email address.
  • Contacts and Calendar events – All calendar events and contacts are synchronized across all devices.
  • SPAM Filters – All known viruses are blocked. 99% spam is stopped. All email into Exchange Online is fed through 5 different SPAM filters! The filters can be customized to allow certain partners, safe/dangerous IP addresses, content filtering, and more.
  • Out of Office messages & Rules –  Each user can set an ‘out of office’ message and create email delivery rules to help manage email flow.
  • Backup of all Emails (Optional) – Although this is an add-on to the email account you can easily backup your email and keep versions of each email etc.

Exchange Online (Plan 1) subscription
$84 per year Including GST