IT Support in today’s world it is very important to keep your computer software and hardware systems running.

We offer a small friendly support team that can monitor and maintain your companies or home computer system, installation of new software and computers, configuration of hardware and software plus troubleshooting to help resolve technical issues as they arise.

Help to resolve issues by remote assistance or in person at your home or office.  Some times a quick remote control session is all that is need to fix the problem, however sometime we need to call out in person to your home or office to troubleshoot the hardware, software, Internet  or other issues. Either way we will get your computer systems working again ASAP.

We cover most areas of computer assistance including – Computers and common software, mobile phone setup and troubleshooting, Networking, Internet access and setup/troubleshooting. 

Documentation is a very important part of IT Support, we record details about your computers, software details, user configuration and licenses keys etc This helps us to better understand your home or business computer systems and to help give a fast response when possible. Please note all documentation collected can be given to owner or manager on request.

Our cost structure is as follows.

Cost per/hour $70 Including GST
1/2 hour increments $35 Including GST
N.B. Quick support calls less that 5 minutes generally are not charged.

Call out / Travel fees are charged based on distance in kilometres from the TDB Office in Camillo WA.  If you would like an approximate cost please call.


If you would prefer a cost for a project or specific job we can quote a reduced fee for some jobs. i.e. Training in setup of Outlook for example.

Labour invoices are payable 7 days from the date of the invoice.
Hardware, Software and Subscription invoices must be paid on delivery.