Computers are vital in businesses and at home, so if they break-down you need help fast to get your computer repaired and working again.

With over 30 years experience, TDB Software can offer affordable repair and support for your computers.

Our rate is $70 per hour charged in half hour blocks.

Just some of the issues we can help with are:

  • Virus removal and damage repair.
  • Reloading of Windows and basic setup.
  • Data Recovery and restoration.
  • Upgrades, Service and Repairs.
  • Repairs and Troubleshooting.
  • Setup and maintenance.
  • Computer Sales – New and Used.
  • Internet and Wireless setup.
Computer Repair

Once your computer is infected it can be very difficult (almost impossible) to remove the infection.

Even when the infection is removed sometimes it can leave the Windows operating system damaged, without any way of easily repairing the damage.

We recommend that you DON’T rush out and buy the latest Internet Security product as once the infection has control it can prevent installation of any Internet security product that might remove it.

Also once compromised DON’T do any online banking or anything security sensitive.

DON’T purchase anything from a pop up window that suggests that it will remove the program as it may be the virus.

If you need help in removing the infection please don’t hesitate to contact TDB Software. Basic virus removal is $70. This includes backup of data on your hard disk drive, Scanning and removal of viruses, Trojans, spyware and malware etc.

Click here for some helpful hints on how to prevent viruses from infecting your computer.

Occasionally your computer operating system (Windows) may become corrupt or slow down over time and need to be reloaded.

TDB Software can backup your valuable data, format your hard disk drive and reload the Windows operating system.

We also install all Windows service packs, updates, patches and basic utility programs like Acrobat Reader, Adobe flash player etc.

Cost is $140 for a basic reload Windows, this includes:

  • Making a full backup before starting.
  • Setup of one user profile.
  • installation of MS Office.
  • Email client and data.
  • Saving original backup.

Restoration of additional programs can be done at out normal hourly rate of $70 per/hour.

TDB Software can generally recover data from hard disk drives that have failed or accidentally been formatted.

In order to maximize your chance of recovering your data, it is advised that you turn off your computer when you discover the problem.

Then bring your computer or external drive into our offices for a free appraisal and quote.

We do repairs to most brands of notebook including replacement of mainboards, CPU heatsink, cooling fans, keyboards, batteries, screens, hinges etc.

Bring your notebook into our offices for a free appraisal and quote.

Setup and configuration of iPhone, Samsung and Android based mobile phones. Connection to home WiFi, setup of email accounts and general configuration etc.

Transfer of data from your old mobile phone to new phone – email, contacts, photos etc.