Viruses, Trojans and Spyware


Viruses, Trojans & Spyware

Viruses, Trojans and Spyware – these are just some of the things you may have heard about before, but what does it all mean? TDB Software has designed this document to help users understand these threats and assist with prevention and/or disinfection of your computer.

Below we have listed some of the basic symptoms of a infected computer :-

  • Computer slowness.
  • Pop-up advertisements, warnings or windows.
  • Redirection to other websites while browsing the Internet.
  • Unable to install software programs, games etc.
  • Anti-virus engine not starting and or not updating.
  • Other unusual things happening on your computer.

If you suspect your computer is infected you will need to update your Windows Internet Security product (antivirus, anti-spam, anti-spyware etc.) and then run a full scan of your computer. This will remove some of the less infectious threats.

However once your computer becomes infected it can be very difficult and sometimes impossible to remove these pests. Even after the infection is removed, sometimes it can leave your Windows operating system or other software damaged.

If your PC becomes infected, purchasing the latest Antivirus or Internet Security product may not remove the infection. As once the infection has control, it can prevent installation of most removal products.

If your computer is comprised don’t do any online banking or anything security sensitive. Don’t purchase any product displayed in pop-up advertisements as these products may be infected and will likely make things worse.

If you don’t succeed in removing the infection you may need to contact TDB Software and arrange for an appointment for us to help remove the infection.

What can I do to stop my computer from being Infected?
There are many different ways you can help protect against these threats. Below we have listed some things you can do to help protect your computer.

  • Ensure you have an antivirus Internet security program installed and that it is kept up-to-date with regulator updates.
  • Keep Windows updated with daily or weekly updates (either manually each day or by turning on automatic updates in control panel).
  • Be aware some peer-to-peer file sharing software such as Limewire, Bitcomit or Imesh can dramatically increase the risk of infection and open your system to attack.
  • When surfing the internet, never click on pop-ups unless you’re sure they are safe. If unsure always close them with (ALT-F4). Don’t use their close button – the close button may have been sabotaged to install the virus or spyware to your computer.
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