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ALL FINE – Microsoft Update Glitch

Update on Microsoft Outage. After information has slowly been released tonight by Microsoft and CrowdStrike Company (a large IT antivirus type provider) we have confirmed the good news is that only people/companies that use the product CrowdStrike with windows 10/11 has been affected. Normal windows computers have been cleared as most small companies and people […]

What can I do to reduce Spam

Stop Spam

This is a very common question that I hear all too frequently and I usually respond with there are many things that you can do to reduce Spam but unfortunately it is almost impossible to stop all unsolicited emails. Nearly everyone experiences the problem; you open your email and then spend the next ten minutes deleting unwanted emails from your inbox. So below are my thoughts on how to reduce the number of spam emails that you receive.

Hijacked browser – Regaining control


Sometimes you might be browsing the Internet and get a Popup Window that hijacks your browser and will not let you close the window. These can be very annoying and may try to trick you into calling a phone number or getting personal information from you. They will often try to frighten you by saying things like your privacy is in danger or your bank account details are at risk.

These popups generally cover the screen and give you no way to close the window, Sometime they give a number to call. Never call the number given on the web page as this is where they will get you to infect your own computer and then demand money to fix the issue.

Most of the time this is not an infection but only a clever technique to make the browser full screen and block you from closing the web page. If you call the number on the web page they will they tell you that your computer is infected then they will talk you through installing software to fix the problem. This is where they will take control and then install unwanted software – demand money to repair etc.

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