Windows 10 End of Support

As you may or may not be aware – Windows 10 is coming to end of life in 14th October 2025 and while still a way off, we wanted to give everyone plenty of time to decide on a course of action.

In the articlue below we have divided the document into long and short version depending on whether you prefer a quick idea of the problem OR more specific details.

(N.B. Please read the long version below if you want more detailed information…)

Simply put Microsoft recommends that you upgrade to windows 11 before the support deadline next year, to avoid security problems, software not working etc.

Unfortunately, hardware older than 2018 will likely not be compatible and requires new hardware or replacement computer. If you decide to purchase a new Windows 11 computer, avoid leaving it to the last minute. After JUNE 2025 there maybe a shortage of new computers and notebooks as everyone rushes to update (the price may also increase due to shortages).

Other options are to stay on windows 10 and take the increased risk the computer maybe compromised OR in the case of some home users consider installing Linux Mint as an alternative if you are only using web browsers and basic emailing.

Give TDB Software a call or email us if you need help in checking if your hardware is supported or you require help in upgrading to windows 11.

If your current computer meets the Microsoft requirements for Windows 11 then you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free. Although you may still need our help to run the upgrade and/or backup your system and perform a clean installation of Windows 11.

Windows 11 hardware requirements
Unfortunately, the requirements are very strict and generally only computers purchased in the last 4 or 5 years meet the requirements.

Below are the main hardware requirements to run Windows 11.

  • Windows 11 requires a supported CPU.
    Generally most computers that are newer than 2018 should be ok (There are some exceptions).
    (N.B. Some computers may need BIOS update in order to support Windows 11).
  • TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Manager).
    This is hardware build into the mainboard of the computer (is some case it can be added to some mainboards.
  • Secure Boot Support.
    This is built into the BIOS (Basic Imput Output System) that allows the computer to start the operating system (Windows) in a secure way.

There is a software tool from Microsoft called “PC Health Check” which you can run to check if you computer meets the specifications needed to run Windows 11.

Generally, if you need help to find out if your computer supports windows 11 – you can call us, and we will assist.

Frequently asked questions about Windows 11.

Why do I care about this?
Unfortunately, when supports ends for Windows 11 many software and hardware companies will also start removing their support for the Windows 10.

This will lead to other problems such as…

  • Newer devices not working such as printers/scanners etc.
  • Latest versions of software no longer being supported on your computer i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Office (Word, Excel, Outlook etc)
  • Being blocked from accessing certain secure sites i.e. banks or financial logins as they bar Windows 10 computers from accessing their site as they don’t want to risk unsecure computers accessing their systems.
  • Insurance companies may not want to insure you if you’re running an outdated Windows 10 computer and may refuse a claim regarding a cyber-attack etc.

However, for a time months potentially years – possibly not a lot would happen Windows 10 will continue to work as it had previously.

Ok what should I do about it?

Upgrade to Windows 11
If your hardware is new enough, we would recommend upgrading to Windows 11 before the deadline. You may need assistance please let us know and we can make a booking.

Do nothing
You could leave it and just be aware the risks and make sure to install up-to-date antivirus software to reduce your vulnerabilities.

Business Computers
Unfortunately for businesses your only real choice is to replace your computer with a new computer that is Windows 11 compliant.

We would therefore suggest you plan to replace your computer before the end of support 15th of October 2025. Also avoid leaving replacing the computer too close to the deadline as we suspect there may a high-demand for computers between JUNE-OCT 2025, but this is only a guess.

Also be aware that as demand rises prior Oct 2025 there may be a shortage of supply and the costs will rise as we approach the deadline. If you have more than one computer that needs to be replaced, we would suggest that you stagger replacement and possible do one machine each month or every two months until all are done.

Gaming Computers
If you user your computer for playing modern video games you will need to replace your computer, please call us to discuss your requirements and we can advise and/or supply.

Home Users/Computers
(Excluding gaming computers see above)
If you use any Windows specific software, then unfortunately you’ll need to purchase a new Windows 11 computer.

Home users Alternative to Windows
Many home users maybe able to use an alternative to Windows 11 “MINT LINUX”.
Mint Linux is free to use and in kept up todate and secure.
If you do not run any specific windows applications i.e. You are just using your computer to Surf the web, Google, YouTube, Netflix, movie streaming, type to documents, sending emails via webmail etc. You may not need to spend $$$ on a brand-new system and instead install Mint Linux on your existing computer.

Linux Mint is free and very easy to use and will work on just about any hardware with-in reason. The only issue you face with Linux Mint will be some basic relearning, but keep in mind the browser (Internet access) is same as on windows so your web experience will be almost unchanged.

Give us a call when ready and we can advise if this option would be suitable for you.
If you would like a demo of Mint Linux, please call and we will make an appointment for you to come into the workshop and view Mint Linux etc.

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