New IRON computer

Iron PC

This computer is designed to be a economy custom computer with price in mind but still using quality components. Made as a business work station or home computer it has plenty of power.

$650 including GST       Click this link to view the PDF Brochure IRON Computer.

The highlights are as follows:-

    1. Cooler Master case with smooth lines, clear side window, many drive bays for future expansion, cooling fan at the back with provision to add fans at the front and top of
      the case. USB 3 ports at the top front of the case for easy access.
    2. The Ryzen 3 processor with 4 cores to provides plenty of power for home and business use. Includes a built-in RX Vega graphics processor (card) to provide excellent
      graphics base display while keeping the costs down.
    3. 600W power supply to provide plenty of power for future expansion i.e. more drives, video card or other devices.
    4. Gigabyte mainboard for reliability and solid performance.
    5. 250GB M.2 Solid State Drive provides high speed and performance to the system.
    6. One block of 8GB DDR4 memory to provide plenty of memory (addition blocks can be added).
    7. NO DVD is provide in the system, this can be added for a small cost but most modern systems rarely if ever use the DVD/CD any more.
    8. Warranty 12 month return to base on the hardware.
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